What Is Limited Software License Agreement

(3) The rights granted to the licensee do not include the right of sub-licensing. (6) Subject to Rejuveneer`s consent, which cannot be unreasonably refused, the right to decompile the Software is granted only to ensure the interoperability of the Software with other programs, provided that the decompilation is carried out by the Licensee or other authorized persons, that the information to ensure interoperability has not otherwise been made available to the Licensee and/or other authorized persons and to the La Decompilation is limited to those parts of the software that are necessary to achieve interoperability. Interoperability. The information obtained through the decompilation of the software may not be used for purposes other than achieving interoperability, may not be disclosed to third parties unless this is necessary to achieve interoperability, and may not be used for the development, manufacture or marketing of any program similar to the software or for other counterfeiting activities. In some software license agreements, licensees negotiate acceptance test terms with certain remedies if the software does not meet or does not meet the established criteria. Licensors withstand acceptance testing and usually take the position that their guarantee of performance or compliance is all that is needed. (2) For the mere negligent breach of an obligation essential to the performance of the contract, Rejuveneer`s liability is limited to foreseeable and typical damage to the nature of the company. (2) The software is provided for the first free trial period. During the free trial period, the licensee will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the software and test it.

The right to use the Software during the Free Trial Period is limited to the use of the Software and its installation on a computer or electronic device for testing and evaluation purposes. The functionality of the Software may be limited in download during the Free Trial Period as defined on the Website. Most distributed software can be classified by license type (see table). Determine whether Licensor should provide Licensee with compensation with respect to the intellectual property and materials provided by Licensor. Note that Licensees often require additional compensation from Licensors, including compensation for personal injury and property damage, particularly if Licensor`s personnel provide services on Licensee`s site. The most important effect of this form of license is that if ownership of the software remains with the software manufacturer, the end user must accept the software license. In other words, without accepting the license, the end user may not use the software at all. An example of such a proprietary software license is the license for Microsoft Windows. .

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