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The Commission has taken the following decisions regarding requests to change games and casino rules. For more information, download the message under s60 (1c) of the Casino Control Act 1991 – Changes to Games and Authorized Casino Rules. (DOCX, 825.7 KB) (DOCX, 825.7 KB) Since 2013, we have evaluated and approved nine new partners and 3724 specialized Casino employees. The full list of currently authorised staff can be found at Crown Melbourne Limited Associates The Casino Control (Fees) Regulations 2015 imposes the fee for various applications, including a special licence application from casino staff. Audits ensure that slots are properly installed and operate properly on authorized software, that casino employees strictly comply with all relevant requirements, and that the integrity of the games played at the casino is preserved. The annual report of the Gambling Supervisory Authority also revealed its own shortcomings with regard to compliance with the recommendations of the General Office of the Victorian Auditor. Of the 17 recommendations issued 3 years ago and confirmed in a follow-up report last year, VCGLR still does not implement 5, including the requirement to improve the supervision of the casino “by defining the main risks related to the operation of casinos and linking the regulatory work undertaken by VCGLR and other regulators to reduce these risks”. It was only this year that Crown agreed to the release of the documents and the investigation is not yet complete due to the significant amount of new documents. In addition, VCGLR sought other ways to gather additional relevant information and evidence to carry out its investigation, including close contact with AUSTRAC to strengthen the casino`s AML practices. A junket operator is an individual or organization that promotes and introduces a person or group of people to play at a casino. Junket operators receive a commission based on the turnover of the game at the casino. The Casino Control Act 1991 governs the conduct of gambling activities in Victoria casinos. To date, Crown Melbourne is the only licensed casino operator in Victoria.

The Victorian government preferred its revision of the Crown Casino license. Credit: Scott McNaughton In his latest submission, Adam Bell, SC, concluded that Crown was an inappropriate candidate for a casino license, which raised doubts about the future of the company`s $2.2 billion Barangaroo casino in Sydney. Below are copies of previous casino reviews. James Packer testified at the NSW Casino inquest. Our organization, other regulators and law enforcement agencies are aware of the potential risks of money laundering and other criminal activities in casinos, especially through junket operations. . . .

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