Uc Transfer Course Agreement

To be eligible for admission, students must be in a good academic reputation prior to transfer (2.00 GPA earned in the last semester and cumulative). If they are not in a good academic reputation, it is recommended that they contact a college/academic advisor on the UC campus, which they have attended or are visiting to learn how to improve their academic image. A pupil whose mother tongue is not English – and who has spent at least nine years in that mother tongue – can only be taken into account if they are advanced courses at the higher level. University credits for literature in the mother tongue are only allowed for courses taught in national institutions with higher education degrees or for courses at higher and postgraduate level that have actually been given at the UC or another institution of recognized rank where the language of instruction is English. Students receive a maximum of 70 weeks/105 qtr of credit units for course work carried out by the lower department in an institution or combination of institutions. For units exceeding the maximum, performance credit is granted for appropriate course work going beyond this unit limitation and can be used to meet the requirements. A student may take each course in which a grade C, D+, D, F or NP was originally acquired as often as necessary until he first atenas a grade of letters of C or better. The following rules apply: UC has Transferable Race Agreements (CAAs) with all California community colleges. These conventions define the courses we receive baccalaureate degree credit.

All California Community Colleges also have agreements with UC campuses that determine which transferable courses can be used to meet different general education/broad and principal preparation requirements. These agreements were developed to ensure the continuity of students` academic programs. General Education Conventions/Broad Requirements General Education Conventions/Broad Requirements define community college courses that can be used to meet the general education/broad requirements of certain colleges and schools on a specific UC campus. Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) or Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) is a formal and written agreement that guarantees admission to four-year institutions selected by the respect of certain criteria. These criteria include the courses and units to be completed before the transfer, the required grade average and the specific requirements for the main subjects concerned and not concerned. For more information on available TAGs, please contact our Transfer Centre. Identify which California community college courses convey or meet admission, education, or your core subject requirements with the UC Davis Majors Guide or the Support Site, the official articulation database for California`s public colleges and universities. . .


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