Teamsters Canada Rail Conference Collective Agreement

Christopher MonetteDirector of Public AffairsTeamsters CanadaCell: Under the new agreement, workers who have to work 30 and 60 minutes after rest will receive additional compensation if they are forced to work 30 and 60 minutes after rest, including train attendants and railway workers at stations. During the negotiations, the company tried to remove the collective agreement from its rest provisions while increasing the workload of the workers. The union prevented it. MONTREAL, Jan. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Conveyors, shipyard workers and on-board staff employed by the Canadian National Way (CN) have voted 91.3% in favor of ratifying a new three-year collective agreement. The more than 3,000 employees are represented by the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC). When exhausted workers ask to be unloaded according to the 10-hour limit set by the collective agreement, the company has previously told workers to “do the work now and file a complaint later” if they were unhappy. Under the new agreement, the company will waive the “Work now grieve-later” policy if tired employees try to reserve calm and be relieved, meaning they would not be forced to continue working. Following the #9 update of the negotiations, we met with the Montreal company, with the help of four (4) mediators appointed by the Confederation. . . .

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