International Agreement Deforestation

The destruction was still the second smallest amount of jungle destroyed since Brazil began tracking deforestation in 1988, but environmental activists blamed the recent relaxation of Brazil`s jungle protection law. You also say that the government`s initiative for major infrastructure projects such as dams, roads and railways is advancing deforestation. Integrating forests into the final Paris Agreement may seem like child`s play. After all, deforestation accounts for about 10% of the world`s annual carbon emissions, which is almost the same as the emissions of every car and truck on the planet. In the meantime, protecting forests could completely eliminate these emissions and reduce global emissions by at least a further 2% by improving carbon sequestration. Nevertheless, it took nearly two decades of negotiation and refinement to make forest protection a critical part of global efforts to combat climate change. Procedural and significant obstacles hinder the success of intergovernmental litigation in legal proceedings to combat deforestation. Other avenues could be more fruitful and have faster effects, such as. B disputes at national level (as in Pakistan and Colombia) or regional human rights disputes, as they circumvent the sovereignty barrier of intergovernmental jurisprudence. However, it should not be said that no case will be successful and that it would overcome these obstacles.

For example, a case opened on the basis of international human law may be more fruitful, or an ICJ opinion may be more realistic, or an intergovernmental arbitration on the basis of investment agreements may offer stronger clauses for litigation. United Nations – More than 30 countries on Tuesday set the first deadline to end deforestation by 2030, but the feasibility of such a target has been compromised as a major player, with Brazil saying it would not join. The ITTO is an agreement on raw materials with an environmental dimension that brings together producers and consumers of tropical wood around the common objective of sustainable forest management. “It`s different to have legal deforestation than illegal deforestation. Our national policy is that we want to stop illegal deforestation,” she said. In the 73 states that have made the ICJ`s jurisdiction mandatory under Article 36(2) of the ICJ Statute, some are particularly concerned about the fight against deforestation, such as Cameroon and the DRC for the Congo Basin or Cambodia for the Southeast Asian rainforest. . .


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