How Do Custody Agreements Work

Here are three of the most common custody agreements: While agreements may vary from case to case, a standard custody agreement should cover some key issues: even if the parent with primary custody only moves away from a significant path from the other parent, while they remain in Massachusetts if the other parent does not agree to the move, the main part of the custody of the children may need a court order to allow the move. Once a court order regarding child custody is in effect, if you do something that could negatively impact the other parent`s time with the children, if you don`t have an agreement with the other parent, you may need to get a court order before doing so. “Often, during a separation or divorce, parents make unrealistic custody based on fear or insecurity,” says Laura Wasser, a prominent divorce lawyer in Los Angeles and author of the new book It Doesn`t Have to Be That Way. Instead, think of custody as a business agreement…

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