Central Desert Regional Council Enterprise Agreement

Jamie Webb, from Atitjere, was elected as a member of the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) of Akityarre. After Renita Webb resigned last year, a by-election was imposed. The nominations closed at noon on Friday, October 16 and the by-election was scheduled to take place today (November 5). However, as Jamie Webb was the only nomination, he was elected automatically and no by-election is required. Jamie Webb is very pleased to be a City Councillor at CDRC. “I`m looking for f. or I face another challenge and I learn something new. I`m very interested in helping the community and being able to give something back to the community that raised me,” he said. I grew up in Atitjere and have lived most of my life in Atitjere. – relevant experience in a similar role as a support/administration in the civil service or in the health sector.

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