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The supply contracts and the quality assurance agreement stipulate that only “inhibitor-free” milk can be accepted or recovered and that it is both examined and examined. TRUMPF`s purchase conditions and the quality assurance agreement form the basis for a smooth collaboration with our suppliers. In September 2002, the company`s quality management system was successfully recertified for the process-based quality assurance model, in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2000 standard. As companies face increasingly stringent legal requirements, watertight quality assurance agreements and efficient quality systems play an increasingly important role. The growing shortage of skilled labour, including in the German labour market, makes it necessary to agree with the other Member States of the European Union on a common culture of quality assurance in vocational training. The quality management system of the public limited company Transforwarding? eské Bud? jovice has been approved by Lloyd s Register Quality Assurance in accordance with the following quality management standards: even before German unification, BAUFA was an approved inspection body of the Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) in Nuremberg and participated in the quality assurance of lightweight multilayer composite materials under a cooperation agreement. We assist in the preparation, negotiation and conclusion of appropriate quality assurance contracts with domestic and foreign partners, help identify the responsibilities of the parties involved and protect the interests of our customers where they are part of a supply chain. All rights and obligations as well as all contractual agreements arising from existing relations with our suppliers remain valid between our partners and the new legal entity as the legal successor of Schaeffler KG. The ordering and delivery system has been converted to electronic data interchange (EDI) in consultation with suppliers who have also signed quality assurance agreements. Training institutions and vocational training actors in the participating countries learn about the quality assurance system and how to implement it in their daily education and training practices.

In order to promote quality assurance at national level and strengthen cooperation at European level, the countries represented in ENQA-VET have joined forces in the creation of “National Quality Assurance Reference Points for VET”. The growing shortage of skilled labour on the German labour market makes it necessary to agree with other EU Member States on a common culture of quality assurance in vocational training. .

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