Conclusion Of The Agreement Po Polsku

In 2004, the two groups reached an agreement to work closely with Israel. It is obvious that we should not conclude an agreement at all costs, but only if the content is accurate. “I have reached an agreement to end the war and bring peace to Vietnam.” Why can`t a single employee make a deal for himself? Despite the significant obstacles, I still believe that it is necessary and possible to reach an agreement in the coming weeks. It is useful to conclude international agreements, because of course it is a global industry. The political parties reached an important agreement on 1 November. Uwaga: s`wka z tej listy sewek s`dost`pne jedynie w tej przegl`darce. Po przeniesieniu ich do Trenera s`ownictwa b`d`dsost-pne wszédzie. Darmowy S`ownik internetowy PONS dost-pny jest rewnie` na iOS oraz Androida! W jaki sposéb przeniea t`umaczenia do Trenera s`ownictwa?.

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