Apwu Hub Agreement

I.D. numbers, not Social Security numbers, should be used on drug and alcohol testing forms (02/10/12). However, MVS officials have learned that some managers use social security numbers related to the drug and alcohol testing program. In January, at the union`s request, usPS headquarters officials sent an email to the office reminding designated employer representatives (DERs) and supervisory authorities that INNs, not social security numbers, should be used. The union has learned that the company that identifies MVS staff for random drug testing uses NSS and includes the final four digits when it informs the management of selected employees. MVS officials are in discussions with USPS officials on how to address this issue and completely eliminate the use of NSS. In the meantime, union members are reminded not to use their Social Security numbers to protect the privacy of APWU members. For more information, see www.apwu.org. Fight for MVS Jobs Next Bob Pritchard, Head of Motor Vehicle Division Mike Foster, Assistant Director Automotive Officers have been very active in recent months in getting mail management to comply with the 2010-2015 collective agreement (CBA). The threat of consolidation and closure leaves us little choice: we must join our brothers and sisters in other trades in the fight against careless factory closures. We have tried to interact positively with the post office in these extraordinarily difficult times, but the USPS has not acted responsibly and in a timely manner, as it refers to the hiring of mechanics and drivers in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the MVS Jobs Memo in der CBA. The contract was signed on May 23, 2011 and, almost a year later, to our knowledge, no one was hired to fill any of the new positions promised in the memo.

Despite management`s commitment to create 740 new jobs in vehicle maintenance facilities (VVVs) and 600 new jobs on the Highway Contract Routes (UNHCR) lines, the MVS supplement has decreased. VMF Job openings There are many free orders in VMFs throughout the country. Executives reported vacancies for internal tenders, allowing postal employees to move to higher positions. However, when people retire, their jobs remain vacant. In this case, residents should file complaints asking management to fill the remaining positions. (Trustees should cite the current section 39.2.A.11 of the collective agreement. We recently came across a web corner report that proves that there are vacancies in different VMF.

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