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There may also be cases where the agreement is not covered by law or where there is no written agreement. If you don`t have a suitable space for your business yet, you will have the choice of buying or renting. The right option for you can be better defined by consulting financial and legal experts. If you decide to rent premises, the information in this manual will give you some practical tips to help you conclude a rental contract and avoid frequent pitfalls. Because commercial leases are often long-term, documentation must be robust enough while maintaining the flexibility to deal with a change in the type of activity the tenant over time. A rental agreement must not be written to be applicable as a rental agreement. The behaviour of a lessor and a taker may be sufficient to establish a valid lease. This is sometimes called an all-you-can-eat rent. It is strongly recommended that the landlord and tenant have a written agreement.

Just because an agreement is entirely or partially oral does not mean that it is not legally valid. Leases must be written to be enforceable, but must not be formal. A lease is made up, for example. B, by an exchange of letters or by e-mail or by a unilateral document, provided it is actually “signed”. Leases are legally binding, so it is important that your legal advisor carefully review the lease before signing it. Your legal counsel can help you avoid costly misunderstandings that could cost you money and your business. The standard form agreement not only allows parties to complete the relevant information, but also provides a practical list of standard conditions that must apply legally to all agreements. However, repairing damage to the construction of a building is generally the responsibility of the owners, depending on the extent of the repairs required and the specific conditions of the lease. Unless otherwise agreed, commercial tenants are generally required to maintain the premises for good repair. These obligations relate to the cleaning of premises, repairing or replacing devices and fittings, and ensuring the repair of service and service infrastructure (tubes, wiring), unless the lease attaches this obligation to the lessor. Your obligations under the lease apply regardless of whether damage is covered by insurance. As a general rule, tenants are responsible for returning the premises to the state they were in prior to the damage.

The specialized preparation of office rentals in new premises, stand-alone sites and community title sites is completed effectively exactly to the required specifications.

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