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“These incredible people have secured a collective agreement according to industry standards, which includes significant gains in all areas that are most important to people – diversity and job security, pay rates and transparency, and much more,” he said. “We are so proud of these employees and union professionals who are part of the WGAE.” Lowell Peterson, Managing Director of WGA East, said: “This pioneering contract achieves all the goals set when Vox Media employees organize with the WGAE, with their intention to improve the work culture and increase transparency, to the point of improving diversity and ensuring that the editorial staff has a voice in working-life decisions. Great things happen when the people who work unite and act collectively. Congratulations to the union bargaining committee and the whole unit for working so hard. In May, the negotiating committee learned that there was a dispute at Terranea Resort, the hotel where Vox Media`s code conference was scheduled to take place later this month. The committee issued a statement of support for hotel employees, and Vox Media pledged to find a new site for the 2019 conference if Terranea Resort did not talk about an agreement with the workers. NEW YORK , NY (January 29, 2020) – The authors of Vox Entertainment, the specialty book production company associated with Vox Media, Inc., have ratified their first collective agreement with the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). The terms of the new interim contract were retained by the union, which said it would publish details as soon as members were informed. Vox Media employees, which include Curbed, Eater, Polygone, Recode, SB Nation, The Verge and Vox.com, have ratified their first collective agreement with more than 90% approval. Vox Media Union continues to share updates and news from the negotiation on Twitter: @vox_union. “On January 10, 2018, we agreed with Vox Media management on the recognition of the Vox Media Union. We have worked hard to form a unit that represents the people who want to build this business every day and look at one after the other. This job was finally worth it.

Since April last year, management and trade union representatives have been negotiating minimum wages, guaranteed annual cost of living increases, compensation rules and rules for the use of the professions and subcontractors. Thursday was the last day of the trial. The three-year contract includes a minimum of $56,000 for exempt workers and a 3.5% retroactive increase until July 1, 2018. Employees earning less than $95,000 will receive an increase of 3.5% in the first year of the contract and 3.25% in the second year of the contract. The company has committed that 40% of the pool of candidates who reach the telephone interview phase, set up open bargaining units, will come from an environment traditionally under-represented in journalism. Vox Media`s editorial and video staff are proud to announce that we are partnering with the Writers Guild of America, East. In eight verticals, we defend intelligent and deep journalism and storytelling on every platform. Vox Media`s commitment to quality and innovation, as well as its core values of ambition, cooperation and respect, have made it one of the best jobs in the sector. There is no better way to cultivate this innovation and promote our values than to unite. The agreement, which has yet to be ratified by Vox Media employees of the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE), came after 29 consecutive hours of negotiations on Thursday and Friday, the union said in a statement. Other strengths of the Vox Entertainment agreement are a minimum payout for all positions with a 3% increase after the first and second year and strong language to protect journalistic integrity.

There is now a $42 trip per diem and a $50 transportation refund.

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