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The court explained that Butler`s primary function was to gather, distill and supply his clients through people available and suitable for vacant positions, while providing potential professionals with information on the client`s available positions. Butler earned his income by calculating the customer a price per employee per period of pay that went beyond what Butler paid the employee, and Butler did not receive a job-shopper or client search fee for the employee`s initial placement with the client. In the information market in which Butler was active, Butler competed with other technical services companies and conventional agencies for the employment and “disintermediation” of his clients. In the wake of the recent outcry over the application of Jimmy John`s non-compete clause to its sandwich makers, many states are trying to limit their non-competition prohibition laws. As a general rule, the courts enforce non-competition prohibitions only to the extent necessary to protect the employer… but in no way does this mean that individuals can rely on the courts to decide in their favour. Non-competitors are legally binding as long as the clause contains appropriate restrictions on the geographic area and the period during which an employee of a company cannot compete. The last part of the Restricting Covenant Series was inspired by the Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time tournament where champion Ken Jennings untangled two other competitors to win the millions prize. So, for crossword puzzles and quiz show enthusiasts, here`s the remark in the form of an answer (and the subject of this article): this 17-letter word means cutting the middleman in relation to a transaction. Correct answer: What is disintermediation? What does disintermediation have to do with competitions? Keep reading.

If you are a staff professional, you are likely to have considered starting your own staffing business. They work hard (probably too hard) for a paycheck, but know there is no guarantee of a great future or financial security. You can`t wait to become an entrepreneur, but your non-compete clause is looming. Well, maybe not as much. Here are five things you need to know how to create a recruitment agency with a non-compete clause: [more] In the second example, the geographic area is a defined “territory” that could be clear.

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