Form 1 Agreement To Mediate

Participants also understood that the Ombudsman may suspend or terminate mediation if he or she believes that mediation results in an unjustified or inappropriate outcome, when the Mediator feels that a deadlock has been reached or when the mediator finds that he can no longer effectively exercise his or her role as mediator. Each party undertakes to fully and honestly disclose all relevant information and writing requested by the Ombudsman, as well as all information requested by another party, when the Ombudsman finds that the disclosure is relevant to mediation interviews. In cases of family mediation, each party undertakes to disclose in full and precisely all income, assets and debts. b) The parties to this agreement agree that all those who cannot be found elsewhere in this mediation are shared on a non-prejudice basis and are not taken into account at the discovery: Cross-checking, in court or by any other means, used in this or any other proceeding, the parties agree that communications and documents shared in this mediation will not be disclosed to persons who do not participate in this mediation, unless: 6. While all parties intend to continue mediation until a transaction agreement is reached, it is assumed that each party may withdraw mediation at any time. The parties agree that the mediator can discuss the parties` mediation process with any lawyer whom each party can retain as an individual advisor. These discussions will not involve negotiations unless the parties tell the Ombudsman that their lawyers have bargaining power. The Ombudsman provides copies of correspondence, draft contracts and written documents to an independent lawyer at the request of a party. 3. The Ombudsman will not disclose the names of the parties or anything discussed during mediation, except that the Ombudsman can disclose this information: a payment of the Ombudsman`s expenses and expenses is paid to the Ombudsman at the same time as the signing of that agreement. The unearned amount of these deductions is refunded to the parties. The parties are jointly liable for the costs and costs of the mediator. La responsabilité des frais d`intermédiation et des frais d`intermédiation est uniquement entre les parties: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Les parties sont conscientes que l`objectif du médiateur est d`aider les parties à parvenir à un accord juste et constructif qui règle leurs différends d`une manière collaborative, consensuelle et informée.

The Mediator is neutral in this quarrel. The mediator himself does not comment on the contentious issues. The mediator is impartial throughout the mediation process. This is an agreement between the undersigned (the “parties”) and Tad Powers/Michael Marks of MarksPowers LLP (“Mediator”) to mediate with the intention of resolving the problems related to:

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