Conflict Resolution Agreement Template

If payment is not made on time, the Ombudsman may, at his sole discretion, suspend all work on behalf of the participants, including the drafting and/or distribution of the participants` agreement, and withdraw from mediation. In Jonathan Taylor`s webinar “Rocking Relationships in Recovery “, on June 17, one participant asked for a typical conflict resolution agreement that couples (and others) can refer to in the event of disagreement. This is a good example of Dr. Robert Weiss (published in his book, Out of the Doghouse). We recommend that if you want to implement this or something similar to your relationship, you want to discuss it first with your partner and your couple`s advisor, so nothing is surprising if you are trying to use this agreement or similar agreement. We conclude this agreement willingly and affectionately: the aim of this agreement is to create a safe and intimate dialogue environment when we are in conflict, by establishing respectful guidelines and limits that allow for the healthy expression of feelings. Jim Melamed was co-founder in 1996 and was CEO of (25 years) until June 2020. During Jim`s tenure, received the American Bar Association`s 2010 Institutional Problem Solver Award. Prior, Jim founded the Mediation Center in Eugene, Oregon, in 1983 and was Executive Director of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM) from 1987 to 1993. Jim was also the first president and executive director of the Oregon Mediation Association (1985-86). Jim has a degree in psychology from Stanford University and a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Participants also understood that the Ombudsman may suspend or terminate mediation if he or she believes that mediation results in an unjustified or inappropriate outcome, when the Mediator feels that a deadlock has been reached or when the mediator finds that he can no longer effectively exercise his or her role as mediator. Jim received the following awards: 2003, the Oregon Mediation Association`s Award for Excellence; The 2006 Sidney Lezak Award of Excellence at the Oregon State Bar; The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) 2007 John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award; Der 2012 Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) “Getting To Yes” Award; ApFM`s first outstanding Mediator Award (2018); and the Oregon Mediation Association`s 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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