Assignment Agreement Vertalen

7.4 The licensee is not liable for any damages or losses that may be caused to the contracting entity as a result of the non-or incorrect performance of the contract, unless the contractor intentionally caused the damage. The transfer of the client to the incumbent in the following tasks: 4.1 The contractor is not bound by a completion date that can no longer be achieved due to unforeseen circumstances that may have occurred after the conclusion of the contract. If an agreed completion date is delayed, contractors and contracting entities are consulted as soon as possible. 3.3 Changes to the transfer by the owner are mandatory for the owner only to the extent that they have been taken over and confirmed by the owner by mail, e-mail or telephone and to the extent that they meet the proof of adequacy. The contractor has the right to adjust prices in the event of changes made by the customer. 6.1 The adjudicating power has the right to revoke an assignment taking into account the following conditions of withdrawal: 2.2 In contracting it, the adjudicating authority accepts the applicability of these conditions. The applicability of other general conditions that may be used by the other party or to which the other party may refer in one way or another is expressly rejected. by the revocation of the assignment by the client (taking into account the terms of withdrawal) In the following agreement, the following terms are: 2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relations between the holder and the Client, unless a written and signed agreement has been reached. Any natural or legal person who has negotiated an assignment with the contractor or who has made a specific transfer to the supplier.

The holder is required to retain and retain all relevant documents and data for up to 30 days after the completion of the assignment, unless otherwise agreed. 5.6 The holder still has the right to demand a guarantee of payment before, during or after the conclusion of the contract, to the extent that the holder suspends the conclusion of an assignment until such a guarantee is fulfilled. 3.1 Transfers can only be legally binding on the contractor when the client has confirmed the transfer by mail, email or telephone. In some cases, an assignment can only become final if the customer has made an advance. The contractor will make the announcement in advance. 3.4 The contractor is authorized to have the assignment executed by a third party. The contract can be entered into without delay by the contractor without any liability for damages or damages to the customer, if and when: Cancellation on the day of the assignment, the Customer must pay a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the offer offered, plus other costs, if the contractor has already made by the holder. 9.1 Dutch law applies to all agreements with the contractor.

All disputes and claims that have not been resolved outside are subject to the judgment of the Court of Justice at the owner`s home.

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