Agreement Paper Format For Shop Rent

A) Condemn the denied premises. Where all or a substantial part of the democted premises is occupied or acquired by a public or quasi-public authority under the power or threat of an important domain for a period other than temporary, the tenancy period ends from the date on which the property is taken by that public or quasi-public authority and the tenant pays the rent until that date with reasonable repayment of the rent that was paid in advance. for a period after the takeover date. In the event that, for the duration of this agreement, the premises demerited or part or more of the real estate or common territory are occupied by conviction or right to a prominent domain or by private purchase instead of it, this contract and the period granted to it expire permanently, depending on the landlord`s choice alone, and if the lessor dies. , this contract expires on the date of that date, the owner`s property and the basic rent reserved in the owner are fully distributed and all basic rents paid in advance are immediately reimbursed by the landlord to the tenant. In the event that the lessor does not choose to terminate or terminate this contract as stipulated above, the lessor must, as far as possible, rebuild and restore the democted premises before such a takeover, and this agreement remains fully in force and effective, except that, during this recovery, the basic rent to be paid in accordance with the conditions provided by this agreement , be evenly distributed in the proportion in which the square area of the part of the demerited premises was placed on the total number of square metres of the premises demerited immediately before this capture; however, unless the payment of operating costs is not reduced under any circumstances, provided that the obligation to recover or restore the lessor is limited to an amount that does not exceed the revenues of this resource (deducted from the costs incurred in collecting it). Notwithstanding the above, if the price of the net conviction received by the lessor is not sufficient to restore or rebuild the structural parts of the denied premises, the lessor has the option of terminating and terminating the contract within days of receiving the net conviction by the lessor, and the tenant is limited to the damages resulting from the landlord.

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