Day: October 14, 2021

What Is A Master Licensing Agreement

Licensing agreements cover a wide range of known situations. For example, a retailer may enter into an agreement with a professional sports team to develop, produce and sell products bearing the sports team logo. Or a small manufacturer licenses a large company`s proprietary production technology to gain a competitive advantage instead of having to […]

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What Are The Different Types Of Trade Agreements

The Doha Round would have been the world`s largest trade deal if the US and the EU had agreed to cut their agricultural subsidies. After its failure, China gained global economic ground by intercepting profitable bilateral agreements with countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Customs unions are agreements between countries where the parties […]

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Voluntary Restraint Agreement Definition

A voluntary export restriction (VER) is a trade restriction for the quantity of a product authorized to export from one exporting country to another country. This limit is imposed by the exporting country itself. When negotiating an ERN, the importing country tends to avoid the often long, public and often multilateral debate, which precedes […]

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